Who We Are

ZNF Global is the only sustainable eco-tourism company in Pakistan. We believe it is vital to protect the breathtaking landscapes and the oldest surviving civilizations and cultures from being obliterated at the hands of irresponsible attitudes or negligence, while also creating a chance for exploration and traveling to your heart’s content. ZNF Global also offers Student Visa for the youngsters looking forward getting education abroad! We provide 100% visa guarantee with 100+ universities on our panel.
Services we provide?

  • Student Visa and counselling
  • Law associate
  • Tour management
  • National and international Tours
  • Visa processing

Our mission

At ZNF Global, we aim to create a safe platform for travelers as well as the ecosystem of the country, at the same time, making the facilities as easy and quick as possible. We also believe in providing top-notch facilities and experience and never comprising on quality service


Layer's Services

Book your air tickets on the spot with us as our remarkable team is always ready to help you. You may request for flight reports, inquiries, booking, departure and so much more within our capacity.



Visa fees, forms and requirements are subject to change as per discretion of concerned Embassy / Consulate. Full fill your dreams to explore the world with out any worries


Explore Your Dream Dstination

We provide budget tour packages which can be altered according to your needs. Our catalogue of tour packages consists of international and local tour packages


3,4 & 5 Star

planning Umrah before or after hajj then you need to know about total expenses for umrah including Tickets, transportation, hoteling, and shopping. Your comfort is our priority.

"We are an international platform with a strong global network, where people can book our facilities from around the world. Our user friendly website makes booking anywhere, anytime, a one minute step."

Parvez Akbar khan