Patundas Trek

Patundas is a summer pasture at 4200 m on the ridge between the Passu and Batura glaciers. The views from Patundas are spectacular in altogether directions and it’s enjoyable to walk through the alpine meadows for hours along the ridge top. This is often one of the foremost beautiful treks in Hunza valley. This trek will lead you to Patundas Meadows from where you’ll have a bird’s eye view of just about all the peaks of Hunza. You’ll witness the snow-covered peaks floating over and amongst the suspended fog and mist, presenting a view which you’ll never be ready to scratch from your memories. The best season to do the Patundass trek is from June to September. The fascinating view of Passu Peak 7284m, Batura Peak 7500m, Shishper 7619m, Dasteghil Sar 7885, Momhil Sar 7342, and Rakaposhi with the peak of 7788m all around you.

Patundass trek starts from Borith Lake and go through Passu gar, Luzhdar, and Patundas meadows along the Passu white glacier. This is often a simple and short trek recommended for all ages and doesn’t require any good fitness.