Shimshal Premir

Shimshal Pass Trek
Shimshal Pass Trek is one of the most amazing adventures in Pakistan. Situated in one of the most remote valleys of northern Pakistan is Shimshal pass. Shimshal pass is about 3-4 days away from Shimshal village. Located at an elevation of 4700m, Shimshal valley is about 800kms away from Islamabad via Karakoram Highway (KKH). Shimshal pass is also known as Pamir pastures by the local population who use this pass for 6 months for grazing their herd of sheep, yaks and other domestic animals. One can find high altitute peaks including Minglik Sar (6000m plus) at Shimshal pass. The peaks are a good training ground for aspring mountaineers and climbersFollowing the dissolution of Tibetan suzerainty over Baltistan around the 9th-10th century CE, Baltistan came under control of the local Maqpon Dynasty, a dynasty of Turkic extraction, which according to local tradition, is said to have been founded after a migrant from Kashmir named Ibrahim Shah married a local princess.


Shimshal pass trek offers amazing natural beauty. One can find lakes and wetlands in the area including the lake just below the Minglik Sar Peak. This is reasonably large lake known as Shimshal pass lake. The lake is surrounded with thin grass on one side and comparatively thicker grass on the other side. Snowlake is separated from Shimshal pass by Braldo pass. One of the major attractions of this trekking expedition is view of the mighty K2 and many other 7000m peaks on a lucky day when the skies are clear.

Trekking and Yak safaris to shimshal pass attract hundreds of foreign tourists from around the globe every year. During camping at the pass, one gets a chance to interact with the mountain communities and shepherds living there and taste natural and organic dairy products. This is served by the shepherds to all the guests as a sign of hospitality. Our itinerary for Shimshal pass trek is given below